Kunming 2020, Final boarding call for biodiversity

Juliette Landry (EnvIM 2018)     A pathway towards a transformative and inclusive global framework   One million species threatened, 75% of lands and 66% of marine ecosystems damaged, for the most part by… humans. The newly released global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystems demonstrated a terrifying reality and an uncertain future. Could multilaterism make a difference and create incentives?   The silent crisis International negotiations represent an excellent opportunity

Fifty Shades of 2°C

par Martin Courgeon (EnvIM 2018)   There is no doubt for anyone anymore that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are one of the, if not the, greatest challenge of the 21st century. The dangers of global warming caused by the greenhouse gases emissions, notably CO2, are becoming increasingly clear. Some of the impacts of global warming are already visible today, and the private sector must cope with them. Insurance companies for


par Emma Nicolas (EnvIM 2018)   When thinking about planet Earth, the first adjective that comes to one’s mind is usually the “blue planet”. Indeed, water composes no less than 75% of the Earth’s total surface (Fig.1). But what about the ground? If water is absolutely necessary to life (and actually complex life came out from water), soils shelter all terrestrial species, including humans. Not only have they been giving

« Manifeste pour les nouvelles ressources, un autre monde est possible »

par Virginie Alziary   Aujourd’hui, je partage avec vous la lecture d’un ouvrage, publié il y a quelques mois, en décembre 2018 aux Editions du Cherche Midi, intitulé « Manifeste pour les nouvelles ressources, un autre monde est possible ». Bâti autour de la réflexion d’experts sur le thème de l’Économie Circulaire, l’écrivain et essayiste